At Weston Carpet & Rugs we provide expertly crafted flooring, which uses only the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods. From the rustic, old-world charm of hand-sculpted and hand-scraped hardwoods to the most classic, traditional hardwood floor sanded to perfection, we have it all. Discover our vast selection of hardwoods that can add true value to your home. ​​ ​


Affinity Collection

African Plains Collection

Antico Collection

Artefact Collection

Colour Nation Beacon Collection

Colour Nation Lighthouse Cove Collection

Heirloom Collection

Herringbone Reserve Collection

Home Builders Exclusive Open Road

Iconic Edge Collection

Modern Rustic Collection

New York Loft Collection

Old World Collection

Olde Crown Collection

Open Road Collection

Palais Royale Collection

Palazzo Collection

Pompeii Collection

Richmond Collection

Studio Moderno Collection

Volterra Collection

Moda Living Long Plank Collection

Uptown Chic Collection

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