Wall to Wall Carpeting

Weston Carpet & Rugs’ reputation in fine, hand-made rugs makes many people—even some of our best customers—forget that our stores offer a complete array of hand-made rugs as well as fine, custom-designed and wall-to-wall carpeting for your home or office. In our showrooms, you’ll find durable wools and wool-synthetic blends from the finest looms in the United States and Europe. Choose from an array of rugged Berber tweeds or plus Broadlooms, known for their comfort and luxury. The texture of carpet fills up a sparingly furnished room, which explains why designers often recommend that new homeowners begin decorating from “the floor up.” The floor covering you choose is your designer’s canvas for the rest of the room. You get to determine whether your choice will be custom-cut, bordered, edged, or laid flat in the room. Or whether the handsome carpet of your choice will be permanently custom-fitted and installed over a cushioning floor pad. We carry a rainbow of colors and design variations that are limited only by your imagination. Colors work their own dazzling magic. Light tones visually expand small spaces while darker tones make expansive rooms feel cozier without eliminating its “open” feel. Bright colors can bring sunshine into rooms short of natural light.


Advantages of Carpeting

  • Sound absorption, an appealing feature for condominiums, townhouses, and homes with high ceilings.
  • Yarn and surface texture can soften the angular structure of rooms.
  • Carpet hides old, uneven flooring, and sub-floor damage.
  • Soil resistant and easier to clean than ever before.

Don’t forget, for fine, hand-knotted rugs and plush carpeting, Weston Carpet & Rugs is where you’ll find experts ready to help you make the best decisions possible! We’ll arrange for all the services you’ll ever need to properly customize, install, repair, and maintain your new carpets and rugs. The services we offer begin online and continue as long as you own a rug from us. Call 781-659–0011 to learn more today.